Big Sky Music Therapy serves Butte, Montana and the surrounding communities. BSMT is dedicated to using Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) techniques to achieve non-musical goals such as improved socialization, enhanced movement, and communication skills. Our work incorporates evidence-based research and individualized, quantifiable goals and objectives.

Our mission is to serve the entire family and provide a safe haven. We offer four flexible service options because we understand your schedule is complex and your needs are unique.

Songs for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

by Angie Kopshy, Jo Alexis Bronstein Mishaga & Catherine Harris

is available for digital download through many platforms including itunes. Physical copies are available through cdbaby or for $8.50 by reaching out directly to angie@montanamusictherapy.com.  

Spend $25 and receive free shipping. 

Buy 1 CD for $8.50 plus shipping

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Written by a team specializing in children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, this music was created to address non-musical goals like anxiety reduction, motor movement, social engagement, speech, and cognitive functioning.
songsforkidsdigital cover
by Angie Kopshy, Jo Alexis Bronstein Mishaga & Catherine Harris