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Experts Explain Music Approaches for the Special Needs Child

Experts Explain Music Approaches for the Special Needs Child

Portland, OR – August 8, 2011 As parents prepare for the school year, they are looking for therapies and enrichment programs to supplement their child’s school day. Music is an excellent option because it is enjoyable for the kids, wakes up their brains, prepares them for learning, is self-motivating, and builds skills far beyond the musical domain. But when is a child ready for music and what is the best approach? Local music therapists, Emily Ross and Angie Kopshy, are offering a workshop for parents to answer these questions.


Parents can attend the workshop on either September 14th or 15th. For times and locations, go to or Each workshop will be 90 minutes long and cost $10. Parents will learn about music therapy, music lessons, adaptive music lessons, and group music classes. They will develop questions to ask potential teachers and discuss how much to reveal about their own child’s unique learning styles.


Emily Ross, MA, MT-BC and Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC, are both music therapists and music teachers specializing in autism at West Hills Music Therapy Studio in Multnomah Village.


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