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My new music therapy intern, Sara

I’d like to introduce Sara. My business partner, Emily Ross, and I are sharing the brilliance of this university-affiliated intern.  She will be with us through the summer – working at West Hills Music Therapy Studio in Multnomah Village and traveling to various sites with us. Sara provides fantastic  energy and input into each of the sessions in which she’s involved. It’s truly my pleasure to work with her!

Sara holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Music Education and Vocal Performance from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After completing her first degree, Sara worked as a elementary music teacher in rural Minnesota for three years. Although Sara’s primary instrument is voice, she has played many instruments throughout her music studies including piano, guitar, and mallet percussion. In addition to music Sara has many other interests including hiking and running with her dogs and partner, going to Zumba classes, and cooking. After completing this internship, Sara hopes to start her own music therapy practice with a focus on people with autism.

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