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What to tell your kids on the way to their piano recital

 Some kids get nervous before piano recitals. Some are bouncing off the walls with excitement. Some are eerily serene. Regardless of the emotions your child is displaying or how many times they’ve performed, here are five simple reminders to help them prepare for their big moment on stage. 


1. When you sit down, make sure you are comfortable. Spread your arms out over the keys to make sure you are centered. If the bench needs to be adjusted, just wave your teacher over for help. This is NOT a problem and is better than being uncomfortable. 
2. Sit up tall and make sure your feet are ready if you are using the pedal.
3. Take at least one big breath and blow out all your air. Finally, when you’re ready, take another big breath and play with love and pride. Don’t forget to breathe while you play.
4. Don’t forget to bow and smile when you’re done. Even if you made a mistake, you should feel very proud and your bow is the chance for you to thank the audience, your family and your teacher for all their support. 
5. Support your peers. The other students performing have worked just as hard as you. Be a good audience member by sitting quietly and paying attention. Root for them, clap for them, and when the show is over, toast your punch with them! Recitals are a great time for you to hear new music that you might like to learn, so make note of any favorites. 

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