music therapy for autism


One of the welcome songs presented by Kagarama Primary School, P6 – the 6th graders – with whom I worked closely over the next few days.

Welcome, our dear visitors.

Welcome, our dear parents.

Sit down and listen to us.

P6 members singing for you.

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Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC

Music Therapy Services of Portland is directed by the board-certified music therapist, Angie Kopshy. Upon completion of her Master’s in Music from Boise State University, Angie returned to Portland to study music therapy at Marylhurst University. Music Therapy Services of Portland specializes on working with children on the autism spectrum. Angie is also a singer/songwriter with the band, Stoneface Honey.

Angie has been working closely with Mike Ricucci of Terra Rising Films. Terra Rising is currently traveling the world, in production for a feature-length documentary exploring the science and cultural impact of music as seen through music therapy.

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