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Wandering Prevention

Such a hard but important topic about autism and wandering…

All About Autism

On New Year’s Eve, tragedy struck in Allentown, PA. Every parent’s worst fear: a small, 5 year old boy with autism had wandered off during a family party at the house. Two days later, everyone’s worst fears were realized. Moments such as this remind us of the importance in trying to prevent wandering, but also in being prepared for it should it happen.

Over the years, I have shared some safety measures you can take for wandering children. Below I have revisited the most important tips that have helped me over the years. Remember – preparation is the most important thing you can do in the event of an emergency!wanderIdentification – Today, there are many options available. ID cards that include your child’s picture, height, weight, hair/eye color and any other identifying marks are the most traditional and least expensive method, but ID bracelets, necklaces, and even temporary tattoos…

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