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December 2015 Events at MTSP + The Global Music Therapy Project Trailer

Happy holidays, families!

We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and laughter.
Please mark your calendars for these December events:

Bi-monthly Music Therapy Group
Saturday, December 5, 11:10am (The Littles) & 12:10pm (The Biggles)

Free monthly Music Therapy Group
Saturday, December 12, 1:10-1:55pm

Bi-monthly Music Therapy Group
Saturday, December 19, 11:10am (The Littles) & 12:10pm (The Biggles)

Winter Recital
December 22, 6:30pm at Classic Pianos
3003 SE Milwaukie Ave., Portland 97202
If you haven’t, please RSVP here. If you’re having any trouble with this link, you’re also welcome to simply send an email to Angie instead! We have plenty of room for friends and family at this recital! There will be a reception after the recital and we’re asking each family to bring a little tray of goodies for this reception.

Our Global Music Therapy Project trailer is finally complete. I wanted to share in order to help you understand the project a little better and introduce you to some of the wonderful people we’ve been working with in South America and Africa. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and support surrounding this project.

Music Therapy Services of Portland humbly thanks you for trusting us with your family members and supporting all of our music therapy endeavors. As the weather gets colder, we want to encourage everyone to stay safe on the roads and check in if you’re concerned about road conditions. Kate is to the North of our studio and Angie is to the South and our families are all over the map. We’d rather reschedule than risk hazardous road conditions, so send us a text or call if things aren’t looking safe on your end!

P.S. In case we haven’t told you recently, we love photos and videos of your kids. If you ever have the spontaneous urge to share with us, your messages warm our hearts!

Angie & Kate

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Music Therapy Options

IMG_5278 At Music Therapy Services of Portland, we recognize that your schedules are complex, your child is unique and your needs vary. We’ve modified our structure in order to provide you with more options.

1:1 Music Therapy Sessions: These  are typically 50 minutes long music therapy sessions held in our studio at least once per week. After an initial assessment, measurable goals and objectives catered to the challenges and strengths of your child will be created. Data and progress notes are taken after each session. The goals and objectives are typically updated and reviewed every twelve weeks. We strive to compliment other therapies and programs in which your child participates. Communication with the allied health professionals on your child’s team is an invaluable part of our process.

Group Music Therapy Sessions: These 45 minute groups are held every other week in our studio and are a great compliment to weekly 1:1 sessions. These groups provide your child with the opportunity to engage with other children in a safe, positive and structured space. Many of the songs and activities in these groups are introduced in 1:1 sessions so that your child is confident and excited about their role within the larger group setting.

Family Centered In-home Music Therapy Package: These sessions are typically a minimum of two hours within your home. By working with your child in their natural setting, we are able to address some of the challenges in their routine such as taking a bath, getting dressed, brushing their teeth or eating lunch. This package includes a follow up mp3 and video created for one of your child’s specific challenges. This song and video work best when learned by the entire family and will include the steps involved and language around a particular challenge in order to provide incentive and structure to help your child master this challenge.

Adapted Piano Lessons: Many children show a special interest in a particular instrument. If that instrument is piano, we provide individual piano lessons adapted to accommodate challenges and enhance strengths. These students are included in our bi-annual recitals and other musical events. We have seen many children flourish within this structure and are happy to assess whether or not your child is ready for this approach.

Our recommendation for families is typically 1:1 music therapy sessions and bi-monthly group music therapy sessions. If you need help NOW and can’t fit these sessions into your schedule, a family centered in-home music therapy package may be the best way to introduce music therapy into your child’s routine. If your budget simply cannot accommodate 1:1 or family centered in-home music therapy sessions, fitting them into one of our bi-monthly groups is a great first step.

Angie Kopshy

  Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC
Music Therapy Services of Portland
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What to tell your kids on the way to their piano recital

 Some kids get nervous before piano recitals. Some are bouncing off the walls with excitement. Some are eerily serene. Regardless of the emotions your child is displaying or how many times they’ve performed, here are five simple reminders to help them prepare for their big moment on stage. 


1. When you sit down, make sure you are comfortable. Spread your arms out over the keys to make sure you are centered. If the bench needs to be adjusted, just wave your teacher over for help. This is NOT a problem and is better than being uncomfortable. 
2. Sit up tall and make sure your feet are ready if you are using the pedal.
3. Take at least one big breath and blow out all your air. Finally, when you’re ready, take another big breath and play with love and pride. Don’t forget to breathe while you play.
4. Don’t forget to bow and smile when you’re done. Even if you made a mistake, you should feel very proud and your bow is the chance for you to thank the audience, your family and your teacher for all their support. 
5. Support your peers. The other students performing have worked just as hard as you. Be a good audience member by sitting quietly and paying attention. Root for them, clap for them, and when the show is over, toast your punch with them! Recitals are a great time for you to hear new music that you might like to learn, so make note of any favorites.