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Happy Valentine’s Day!

…which means we’re already halfway through February. Wow!!

Check out one of the songs we use for Valentine’s Day.
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Valentine’s Day Song for kids
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autism, music therapy, music therapy for autism, special needs

Valentine’s Day Song

Video Link: Valentine’s Day Song

Within music therapy sessions, we use many different techniques. Some of our techniques are improvisational and don’t involve words. But there are also many ways in which we incorporate language into our sessions. Sometimes we create songs out of books, we may change the words to familiar songs, we may write our own songs within the session, or we may present a song that we already crafted with a particular technique in mind. This song is an example of using music to teach a skill. Visuals may be used within the session if it seems helpful for that particular child. Otherwise, simply singing and clapping along to the chorus of a song like this will provide enough structure and repetition.